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Role: Co-Designer
Tasks: 3D modeling, 3D Printing, Props Making

Working alongside two other classmates, this project was featured in IKEA young designers award 2017 and was exhibited in National Design Center, Singapore. 

Freewind is a concept product that aims to provide a low cost solution to heatwave related deaths in developing countries and vulnerable neighborhoods.

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Taking into consideration that the product has to be kept at as low a price as possible. We tried to keep all components modular, this final design only requires two different two part molds and can be easily manufactured anywhere, providing both jobs and a solution to heat wave related death in affected regions.

Our research indicated that the movement of warm air through a specifically shaped chamber might have a slight cooling effect on the air as it passed through the system.


Props & Signage holders: Fabricated by me via laser cutting of plywood and acrylic 

Product Prototype: Fabricated by me through 3D printing and laser cutting of acrylic. 

IKEA fabric sleeve: Fabricated by my group member, machine sewn

Final booth design (on right)
in National Design Center, Singapore

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