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Role: Lead Designer
Tasks: Design, Sketching, 3D modeling, Rendering, Proposals

Role & imaginative play have long been known to have many benefits for enhancing the skills required for healthy development in children.​

The Dragonfly & Lily towers were designed to allow children to imagine themselves as little tadpoles in the pond ecosystem. With giant flower pods to explore and a humongous dragonfly with colorful see-thru wings, there is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy in this pond! 

The Dragonfly & Lily Towers were paired with proprietary toddler springers and frog climbing playset.

Dragonfly & Lily Towers: Services
SG_200101 Flowers+Dragonfly (3).png
SG_200101 Flowers+Dragonfly (1).png
5-12 - Top View.jpg
Dragonfly & Lily Towers: Portfolio
5-12 - Top View.jpg

Initial sketches imagined a the tower in a different orientation and paired with more challenging equipment. 

However after reviewing the area and some back and forth with the clients, items that are more friendly for the younger children were included instead.

Equipment are made using powder coated steel and therefore colours are easily adjustable to suit the client's preferences.

As a playground designer I've been fortunate enough to gain insights into many different types of manufacturing processes and to learn about properties of different materials. 

SG_200101 Flowers+Dragonfly (3).png

When designing a playground, its important to take into consideration the play values, accessibility and visibility through the structure - to allow for easier parental supervision.

Dragonfly & Lily Towers: Projects
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