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Role: Lead Designer
Tasks: Design, Sketching, 3D modeling, Illustration, Rendering, Proposals

This theme of this playground is the Chempedak fruit, native to Singapore, it has a rough outer shell that protects the sweet yellow fleshed arils within.

This project came to us with a tight deadline and it was a scramble to get concepts/ideas approved using quick sketches and illustrations.

Concepts/ideas had to be discussed concurrent to working on the 3D model and this project included lots of liaising and communication with the client and manufacturers, in order to meet the deadline.

Chempedak PG Overall_20210430.15.png
Chempedak Playground: Services
Chempedak PG Overall_20210430.210.png
Chempedak PG Overall_20210430.15.png
Chempedak PG Overall_20210430.21.png
Chempedak PG Overall_20210430.16.png
Chempedak Playground: Portfolio

Sketches are a quick way for the clients to easily visualize the concept while also being easy to revise.

Based on my sketches and feedback from clients/architect. Our manufacturer was able to come up with a concept model. 

In order to achieve the client's vision for the playground, I had to make some adjustments to the model and rerender the playground using hand-drawn textures/illustrations. 

Rendered image (on right):
by manufacturer

SG_210802_Geylang C13 (Chempedak) (1).png

I increased the number of play values and activities in the composite through the use of illustrations and by adding more play panels/interactives.

Adding custom graphics onto the structure also helped to sell the concept and made the play structure look more appealing and unique.

I've also had to customize various freestanding equipment so that the overall look of the playground reflected the theme harmoniously.

Chempendak Springer See Saw Keyshot_edited.png
Chempedak Playground: Projects
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