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Role: Co-Designer
Tasks: 3D modeling, Rendering, Proposals

I worked with another designer on this project and was in charge of the Ant Nest Playground - one out of multiple areas. 

Closely liaising with clients helps to ensure that the final result are in line with their vision. The clients came to us with a unique concept - to create an iconic playground that features two viewing decks inspired by the nests of leaf-cutter ants!

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Our very first meeting involved the clients bringing in a giant sculptural piece made up of self sourced sticks and test tubes that the clients held together with pieces of twine. Accompanied with a roughly shaped paper clay model - to represent the ant nest observation deck that they envisioned would top off the structure.

Looking at this the team was initially taken aback, playground safety standards in Singapore had strict guidelines that we had to follow, would translating the piece into a playground even be feasible?

Over the next few weeks, there was constant communication and liaising work involved between our  manufacturing partners, ourselves, the architects and clients.

I was creating draft 3D models and doing up sketches to explain the idea - before getting the manufacturers to check and review the model so that it could be manufactured. 


After many rounds of revisions and comments, the final results achieved was a playground that encompasses the clients vision of: "a rustic natural playground that blends seamlessly into the forest", while still complying to all relevant playground safety guidelines and bringing together many different types of play activities for visitors to discover! 

Artist Impression rendering (on right)
done by the architect firm

The Ant Nest Play ground is the most iconic feature of this entire project and a significant portion of our efforts went into making sure that the final design of the playground encompasses the requirements of the clients, the architects, and parents and children who will eventually use the space.

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